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    King Sinbad had wanted Sindria to be a peaceful place where everyone could be equal, there were many commendable things in his country. None were poor, none were slaves, none were in despair. Isn't it funny how humans can settle for something so long as they're comfortable and happy, only few were the ones that needed something greater and all of the people present that day in the palace of King Sinbad were as such. True and capable leaders who wished to change the world, and their loyal comrades who would see them through to the end despite the outcome. Such was the viceroy of Sindria, he wasn't a desperately ambitious man who wanted to unify the world under any ideals such as 'For my country.' So it wasn't such a surprise that despite the colorful walls and furniture in the room, in the viceroy's private room the bed itself and the sheets that covered it were white. Plain, soft, and simple; similar to the man that laid in it.

    Quietly she had risen from his embrace, for him to be in such a deep sleep it was probable that he had drank beyond his limit. She placed a hand to his forehead to feel if he had a fever, sometimes it happened the morning after, but a pale hand caught her before she could touch him. And for a split second she saw his eyes flash that dangerous silver she had only seen in the previous night when his emotions had heightened. Suddenly it was gone and so was he, once again lost in the world of sleep. Although she could tell that he was indeed still inebriated and that his head would throb incessantly like a pulsating net of vines. So sighing with resignation she tried to remember how exactly it was that the slightly bitter brown drink was made. She bent and began to pick up her belongings, trying to piece together her costume only to find that in his desperate passion he had torn many the delicate cloths that composed her attire. But it was hard to be upset with him for the night had been so satisfying.

    Despite the comical way that the situation appeared, Sinbad had known his friend and viceroy long enough to be able to distinguish that Ja'far was livid.
    ". . . your drinking habits are a disgrace! Perhaps it's not a grand problem, a dancer's costume can be replaced. And it will be." The white haired man glanced for a second to face the girls curiously crowded around. None of them dared to interrupt his rant and restore the atmosphere, only one would have but she was still too stunned to take action as well as shakily trying to fashion what was left of her top to cover her decently. So all the girls listened on, flattered that such an important person was taking their side in such a petty argument that had deeper motives behind it; they were also a bit happy, the ranting viceroy had promised them a whole new set of costumes.
    "But the real problem is-" Sinbad had heard many of Ja'far's speeches, whether they be on morality or health or politeness; many of which things Ja'far had been taught slowly by Sinbad or by his adventures. So Sinbad stood, not really reflecting on his mistakes for the alcohol was far too deep in his system to allow for it. Instead Sinbad glanced around in search for a solution, a skill he was quite proud of. And he found it-her, without really noticing that the (H/c) girl was still working with a shawl to fashion it into a cover Sinbad grabbed her as gently as he could and pushed a dancer that had been entertaining him before Sinbad had torn her costume, accidentally, into Ja'far's arms. Whose dark gray eyes widened while his arms adjusted to stabilize the girl his King had thrown at him. 
    "Ja'far! This is an order enjoy the festival!" The king waved Ja'far away as the remaining girls pieced together the atmosphere and broke the scene. Despite the almost visible tik mark on the freckled man's forehead he sighed softly and guided the girl out of the room where the party was being held. He would find some cloth or a different outfit to replace the tunic Sinbad had torn then return to the banquet to chaperone his king.
    Beside him the girl noted his furrowed brow and stiff posture, perhaps the King in his drunken state had the right idea in ordering his viceroy to relax. It seemed as if that was a familiar pattern, the king would drink himself to a stupor and was chaperoned so that he wouldn't commit any indiscretions while in such a state. She had heard of the Eight Generals from Sindria, and as she had glanced at a few of them that evening she became aware that they were truly powerful but perhaps their less known function included babysitting the king. A small smile made the corners of her mouth rise. How silly that a person would waste a glorious festival as the one that was occurring just then in order to keep a rambunctious king in check, really they should have more faith in the infamous troupe of dancers that were entertaining them.
    "I apologize for my King's behavior, he truly means no harm. And I hope that what you experienced earlier will not influence your opinion of him or Sindria." He stopped in front of a door and spoke to her, after finishing he gave a bow. This was one of the kindest viceroy's she had ever accompanied.
    "Oh no my Lord, you mustn't worry I understand completely and don't hold any ill will towards King Sinbad." she said honestly as Ja'far led her inside the room, there were many spools of cloth fine and colorful cloth inside it as well as many articles of clothing in different stages of construction. She was in awe, the room held an even grander atmosphere than the rare occasions when the chief would take the girls to a merchant and a tailor.
    "I wish for you to chose a cloth or top to your liking as a small gesture of apology for the top my king has cost you." He gestured around and waited patiently as the girl wandered around, but she could see somehow that he was actually quite restless.
    "You don't have to worry about your king, I assure you that none of the girls entertaining him at the banquet will end up in his bed." The girl said confidently as she held a cloth that would suit her and the costume, and while Ja'far's face was impassive she could almost hear the retort. 'Sinbad is not known as the womanizer of the seven seas for nothing.' She glanced at him more confidently and spoke again. "Once again I assure you, all the girls entertaining him were chosen specifically because they are shameless flirters but nothing more."
    "Including yourself?" Ja'far said thoughtlessly, he hadn't meant it as an insult or reproach merely a statement of sorts but the way he had said it made her realize that King Sinbad's adviser had no experience seducing or dealing with women not because he couldn't but rather because he simply didn't want to. 
    'He's called Ja'far Miss (F/n), I think he's kind but kind of scary too sometimes. Although he is a workaholic as well, but that's precisely why he needs you to help him relax don't you think?' Oh Aladdin had been right, there were slight ink stains on his sleeves that were not yet dry, probably form some legal document of Sindria. Ja'far was a workaholic but she wasn't sure that he was quite so willing to relax.
    ". . . Well, I was chosen to entertain someone else this evening; but he wasn't present at the banquet. So I ended up as part of King Sinbad's small harem instead." Ja'far knew immediately who she had been assigned to entertain. He had been the only one absent from the banquet till the scene Sinbad had caused sent Masrur to fetch him.
    "How are the dancers divided into who will entertain then?" Ja'far asked genuinely curious.
    "Usually we divide amongst ourselves, but this time young Aladdin practically assigned us our guest for the night. He was also the one that suggested King Sinbad and Emperor Kouen be given a small harem." She said with an amused smile. Ja'far noted that and wondered why Aladdin had intervened in such a thing. But who was he to question a magi and so Ja'far figured that for that night work would wait. . . at least the paperwork there were plenty of things that the girl with her smaller hands could help him with. Although as he glanced at the ripped cloth she held in one hand he felt even more responsible for his King's mistake, if he hadn't been working then-" . . . another girl would've ended up here, I beg you to not think about this further it was an accident and due to it I was at least able to meet you." The girl smiled at him sincerely, it had seemed as if she had read it thoughts since they began speaking and it was kind of. . .
    "Oh, how vexing." Realizing that this time the girl was not finishing his sentence but that the laces of her top had snared he sighed and went to help her.

    It seemed as if Ja'far was attempting to remedy his accidental rudeness for instead of returning to the desk with work as he would have preferred he escorted her back to the king's banquet. (Where he could keep an eye on his king without being nagged at only if he was being 'entertained'.) Currently they were both sitting at the game table with Spartos and another girl called Anthea. While Ja'far was concentrating in the game he was also glancing around to see if there was any altercation. It seemed as if Anthea was having an easier time entertaining General Spartos, despite the strict restrictions of his culture. 
    Although the girl would admit that it was nice to sit for a change. After he had allowed her to dress properly they had ran around the palace and done odd things that people wouldn't think about while a banquet was happening. There was no helping it however, even the staff and guards had been relieved of their duties for the festival, and somehow she felt that the fact that he was including her in his work was a kindness. . . a twisted kindness of sorts.
    ". . . Ja'far, it's your turn once more." She had called him back to reality, the distraction now had been that King Sinbad was now engaged in a friendly sword competition with the Muu Alexius from the Reim empire it wasn't the friendly competition that worried Ja'far however, it was the fact that both men had consumed about four full vases of wine that worried him. Truly the man worried too much, but it was part of his job, and life to do so.
    "Are you worried about King Sinbad?" Spartos spoke to Ja'far, beside them both girls glanced at each other the emotion similar in both of their faces, relief and surprise. Anthea had been tense because she just wanted for Spartos to be relaxed while (F/n) had just been happy that Ja'far was letting her remain seated rather than run around the entire palace. Spartos and Ja'far conversed for a while and while Spartos observed temperance (F/n) served Ja'far some drink. 
    Some time passed as such, Ja'far and Spartos as well as some other guests went through the stack of games that Anthea had found, to the girl's surprise Ja'far became more relaxed as time passed as well. In truth alcohol was a mysterious substance. Around them the banquet progressed with some of the guests leaving and various contests of strength beginning, all to impress the girls that were present for that sole night.
    "Demi!" "Astrid!" In a split second something had caught their eye and each girl screamed as two other girls flew through the air only to land in a pair of arms. Muu Alexius smiled at Demi as she hoped to the ground and clapping filled the room. Masrur merely glanced at Astrid in her green costume as she clutched the swords to not hurt him before depositing her carefully on the ground. At the game table both Anthea and (F/n) had been of ignorance to the atmosphere around them that they hadn't realized that Demi, Astrid, and Muu had been sword dancing for a small crowd. Although what that small flight had inspired was a complete mutiny in King Sinbad's harem, all the girls flocked to Muu and Masrur asking to be tossed as Demi and Astrid. Muu complied heartily, thankfully Demi wasn't such a jealous girl. But Masrur complied only at Sinbad's jealous request. Spartos and Ja'far began a conversation with the current guest about Kind Sinbad's slight eccentricities but the girl beside Sindria's viceroy kept staring at the squealing girls as the flew through the air, she was curious to see what they felt and so far none of them had been dropped.
    "Would you like to go there?" Ja'far motioned with his eyes to where Masrur was tossing a girl with a light blue dress. Despite her negative reply her eyes gave her away, and so the game was paused with the odds in Ja'far's favor as the group made their way through the crowd where several dancer were being tossed while some that had had their turn were comforting King Sinbad for the mutiny. And for the first time Ja'far saw that the girl's earlier words held true. It hadn't happened in a long time but these girls were actually teasing Sinbad in a discreet way only known to them, and Sin didn't mind. He enjoyed the challenge of having to win these women over.
    Astrid motioned to the girl beside Ja'far, and before she knew it she had been lifted up and tossed several hundred feet in the air, almost touching the glass roof of the room. True weightlessness was an interesting thing. As she flew up, her body propelled by Masrur's strong force, she felt as if she was still in someone's arms but as her body flew down she felt more than light as if someone was pulling her underwater. And it was done, the whole thing lasted but a few seconds but as she shakily climbed down and attempted to walk she only felt someone steady her and walk her from the crowd everything else was utterly numb. 
    As the girl's hands had clung to his clothes he couldn't say that he didn't mind at all, but he was concerned about what exactly it was that happened to her. The other dancers seemed fine as they each pouted but offered both Muu and Masrur drink and food after Muu said that he could no longer continue. So Ja'far led her outside hoping that the cool night air would help.
    ". . . would you happen to be frightened of heights?" There was no response but the girl continued to glance at the stars.
    "I don't believe it's that. I don't know what exactly happened, perhaps it was the drink but I didn't even see the stars." She finally answered as she drank shakily from a whatever it was Ja'far had fetched her. She glanced through the columns and gazed at the sky.
    It was a wild idea that came into his head, but perhaps it was the perfect night for such ideas so Ja'far stepped into the outer columns he invoked his household vessel and in the empty room threw his wires so that arranged they became a net. While the girl stared in mild confusion and slight annoyance (he had covered the few stars she could see) as Ja'far walked towards her, he glanced at her and spoke softly. She could only nod in compliance to his request and shift as he lifted her in his arms. He jumped to the net and carefully set her in the middle where the gaps were small. She then had an unobstructed view of the sky. 
    ". . . I wonder what Baal thinks about me using my household vessel as such."

    In the warm morning light the aromatic smell of the slight bitter coffee drifted to Ja'far waking him. Without thinking much about it he shifted up and grabbed at the grand cup in his bedside table and downed it in seconds. Immediately he felt the throbbing that had dulled him to sleep cease, he felt the sharpness of his senses begin to return and his eyes immediately went to the other person in the room. He saw the girl that he remembered from the previous night hardly dressed and noticed that he as well was completely naked.
    She had planned to leave early but found that she needed to collect her clothes or what was left of them, she glanced at Ja'far once more but instead of seeing shame or dread she only saw slight embarrassment and bashfulness.
    "Where are the rest of your-" Ja'far didn't finish as he saw the taters she held in her hands, a wave of embarrassment passed through him upon realizing that he himself had destroyed her clothes and not the least bit shy he rose and collected his robe from the night before. He draped it on her shoulders and directed her to the bed. He dressed quickly and stepped outside after promising to return with suitable clothes.
    She was amused and astonished at the kind gestures he had had with her the entire night, but she wondered at his . . . double personality? One was kind and attending but quick to anger and annoyance while the other was purely harsh and passionate. Truly passionate.  

`````` Extra
    "Ja'far!?!? What is this?!?!" In Sinbad's study the viceroy and other generals each gave their own report over the duties the had to perform. Ja'far's report was one of the most extensive ones but as Sinbad looked over the expenses of the month he couldn't quite comprehend the grand amount that had been spent on several fine cloths and accessories.
    "Ah, I was hoping you would come to that in case you had forgotten during the festival you brutally tore a dancer's top beyond repair. Therefore I only saw it fitting to bestow them with new costumes due to the grand inconvenience." Ja'far spoke with a tone that clearly stated that even though he was Sinbad's adviser there would be no question to that decision; around them the generals that had been present at the festival each had a different reaction. Masrur shifted almost invisibly, Spartos saddened greatly, and Sharrkan donned a look of sheer bliss as he unconsciously touched the ribbon tied to the end of his chain. After mentioning what Sinbad had done however every person in the room gave a look of sheer content to their King with absolutely no shame. He really never learned, and poor Sinbad was in no position to argue for he had few recollection of what had happened that precise night. So he opted to change the subject.

    Several of the girls squealed as the chests were opened and a delightful assortment of costumes and jewelry were revealed. Already there was talk of which dance they could fit which costume to but many of the girls present only watched with an odd look in their eyes as they regarded King Sinbad's present. A few of them had slightly rounded stomachs.

I did my best on this one to keep him in character, well after a dreadfully long time here is the next installment :3 Enjoy!! and thank you to all who have read this :3 Lovely Shoujo (Heart for you) [V3] 
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